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The Eaby Firm LLC

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

The Eaby Firm LLC

Free Consultation

Free Consultations are for Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, D.U.I and Criminal Defense Issues only. 


Payment Options

We understand that you are hiring a lawyer for a situation that may not be ideal emotionally and/or financially. With that in mind, our law office provides flexible payment plans to make your legal services more affordable.

Areas Of Practice

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil & Construction Litigation
  • Commercial Leases
  • Criminal Defense Issues
  • D.U.I. Defense
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury Attorney in Dover, DE


Bradley Eaby, Esquire been helping clients file for consumer bankruptcy protection since 1989. The bankruptcy landscape has changed drastically since then. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act became effective October 17, 2005. It made many significant changes to the existing Bankruptcy Code. Staying up to date on the law and local practice in this area is crucial to effective representation.

Bradley Eaby, Esquire is member of the

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Civil Litigation

The attorneys in our firm have years of experience representing business and individuals in a variety of civil disputes in Delaware courts. The firm understands the devotion and frustrations often associated with civil litigation and works with clients to establish goals and achieve those goals in the most efficient manner. The firm's practice includes, but is not limited too, contract litigation, creditor/debtor matters, land use matters, representing landlords

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Commercial Leases

The Eaby Firm, LLC can help ensure that you get want you want out of your lease and make sure you understand your rights and obligations under the lease as a landlord or tenant. While business leasing can be a good alternative to owning business property, commercial property leasing agreements aren't subject to many of the Delaware landlord-tenant code provisions that govern residential leases, and there are no

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Criminal Defense Issues

Being charged with a criminal offense in Delaware is a serious situation that requires competent and experienced representation. Finding your way through the justice system can be a long and difficult process and an attorney from the Eaby Firm, LLC can be there with you.

  • Preliminary Hearing – This hearing takes place soon after your arrest to determine if there is sufficient probable cause to support the
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DUI Attorneys in Dover, DE

Have you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Having an experienced and capable attorney representing you can mean a world of difference.

A DUI conviction could bring fines, a license suspension, and even incarceration. The State has the burden to prove the elements of your charges beyond a reasonable doubt. An attorney from the Eaby Firm, LLC will diligently defend you in court and

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Family Law

Dealing with family issues can be an extremely difficult and frustrating experience. It can be important and useful to have an experienced and dedicated attorney helping you through the tough times and guiding you through the legal process and the Delaware Family Courts. The firm’s Family Law and Domestic Relations practice includes divorces, custody, separation agreements, adoptions, child support, guardianships, Protection from Abuse Orders (PFAs) and visitation

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Personal Injury Attorney in Dover, DE

If you have been seriously injured in an automobile accident or have been injured on someone else’s property, commonly called a “slip and fall”, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and payment of your medical expenses.

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION where we will answer your questions about liability, medical expense reimbursement and possible case value.

If we accept your case,

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